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Social & Online Content

Social & Online Content


We Have a wide array of Social Media Profiles with both FREE & Paid Content available, where you can get in touch with us, learn some new stuff, find out what we’re about, where we train & what we do plus some fun stuff thrown in for good Measure.



So Let’s Talk Social Media First

You can find us on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook & Tiktok.

Youtube Channel –

Youtube is where we have over 200 videos & clips of our syllabus (blocks, kicks, basics, patterns & more) to help our existing students for FREE to get those extra details that they may need when practicing outside of our classes.


Instagram –

Instagram is where you can see our latest ads & offers as well as what we have been doing in classes each week and where we celebrate all those little (and big) achievements of both our students & the club as a whole.


Facebook –

You will see much of the same content on our Facebook pages as on our Instagram, however this is where the majority of our students & parents get in contact with us regarding any Matrix Martial Arts related. If you need to ask about uniforms, belts, gradings, classes, times, locations, seminars, competitions or anything else club related – getting in touch via Facebook is always the best bet as we try to reply within the hour (if not sooner) to all messages.


Tiktok –

This is where I like to throw all the little extras.

Behind the scenes stuff, silly thoughts & ideas, trying to do stupid flips & kicks that seem like a bit of fun and just the odd piece of information regarding the club for the few people that do like to get in contact using this app.



But we also have Online Content where you can learn some things from the comfort of your own home.

We use a brilliant learning platform called THINKIFIC

We put online video courses out into the world so people can train at home or be assisted with home practice if they are a member of our club.

We currently have 2 course ready to go (as this is a fairly new set of products) that you can purchase and then have unlimited access to forever, for 1 fixed price.

What this currently allows you to do is get a grip of the 2 course we have to offer, but more will become available as 2024 goes on (we are filming new stull  all the time) and some of the existing courses will also expand.


You can also message us on any of the above channels and ask to book into a class, happy to help in whatever way we can on whatever platform suits you 🙂





 Matrix Martial Arts - West Leicester

Various Leicester LE3 Locations
Get In Touch For More Details

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